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Discover Villanova

To be seen in Mara

Caves of Filiestru - Mara

Set in the valley of Bonu Ighinu, which takes its name from the shrine of the same name, the Cave of Filiestru is part of a system of caves frequented by man since prehistoric times for the abundance of water and environmental resources.

kaolin mines - Mara

There are two old kaolin mines in the Bonuighinu area, located around the hill of Pedra 'e Multa (447 m above sea level), and both are within approximately 500 m from the Shrine.

Shrine of Nostra Signora of Bonu Ighinu - Mara

One of the most evocative places of worship in Sardinia, the Shrine of Nostra Signora of Bonu Ighinu is significant not only for its architectonic features, but also for the naturalistic context in which it is located, among Monte Rattari, Monte Traessu, Costa del Cossoine and Monte Lamenta.