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Things to do


Trekking on Monte Minerva: you can take part in the conservation and preservation of endemic plant species in the forest area of Monte Minerva, an important wildlife oasis where it is possible to admire unspoiled Sardinia, among the downy oaks and centuries-old holm oak trees.

Archeological excursion: come to discover the history of Villanova walking or cycling through the Neolithic necropolis of Puttu Codinu, the remains of Nuraghe Appiu and the Castle of Rocca Doria, admiring the traces of a fascinating past.

Climbing/ Free climbing/ Paragliding: Villanova offers breathtaking emotions to lovers of extreme sports. Limestone rocks and cliffs, or the highest peaks surrounding the territory of Monteleone Rocca Doria, are the ideal sites where to practice climbing totally immersed in nature. Besides the area offers the opportunity of paragliding with launches from about 400 meters above sea level, landing on the beach.

Bio-watching and bird-watching: the territory offers interesting activities even for specialists, especially for bird-watchers, thanks to the rich fauna and flora that inhabit the territory of Villanova, particularly within the oasis of Monte Minerva. There are several pathways suitable for watching.

Mountain Bike: The bike can be a great companion in your discovery of Villanova. You can get there from the mountains to the sea, passing through the archaeology and the natural sights of the area, constantly in contact with nature.

Route of the shepherds: the natural sights are the context of the authentic culinary traditions of the area. Through a special wine and food itinerary among the sheepfolds you will have the opportunity to learn about sheep farming, from breeding to production, with tempting tastings of cheese and other products.

Route along the springs: the territory is rich in water springs that have always been the perfect combination of man and nature. From the Spring of Su Cantaru to the Spring of Su Paraisu, an itinerary surrounded by nature will make you discover the most hidden corners, until you get to the sulphurous hot springs of the volcanic area surrounding Monte Minerva.