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Things to do


There are many ways to get to the top... if you love climbing, the Union of Municipalities of Villanova is perfect for this sport!

Here you can walk through the Via Ferrata della Regina (The Iron Road of the Queen) in complete safety and enjoy an exceptional historical and environmental panorama... live a high-level sports experience surrounded by nature! It is meant for skilled climbers but also for children and families, and it offers a unique experience on the day of the event "L’acqua e la roccia” (The water and the rock) in Monteleone Rocca Doria. In Villanova it is possible to climb all year round thanks to the mild climate that prevails in Sardinia.

A few kilometres from the beaches and the sea of ​​Villanova Monteleone, there is an enchanting place located on the rock of Su Monte where to spend an active vacation away from the city chaos.