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Discover Villanova

To be seen in Romana

Church of Santa Maria de S’Ispidale - Romana

The church of Santa Maria de S’Ispidale is located on a hill in the southwestern part of the municipality of Romana. It is not easy to retrace the historical context of the building, of which there are still documented evidence.

Nuraghe Pibirra - Romana

The nuraghe takes its name from the term “Pibiri” which means pepper and it is situated in an elevated position overlooking the valley of the river Temo and the path that leads to Bosa.

Rock Shrine of San Lussorio - Romana

The rock shrine is dedicated to Saint Lussorio, paganissimus apparitor stationed in Carales who after approaching Christianity and being baptised, was denounced to Delfius, the praeses (leader).

Springs of Mudeju - Romana

The Abbarghente springs, also known as Mudeju, are considered ancient sacred springs from which naturally sparkling water of volcanic origin flows.

Underground Church of San Giovanni - Romana

The underground Church of San Giovanni is located in the region “Costa Piras “, in the town of Romana. The consultation of inventories of the seventeenth century goods of the Commendam of San Leonardo of the Seven Fountains in Santu Lussurgiu.