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Discover Villanova

Villanova and Monte Minerva

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From the jar of Monte Minerva to the Springs of Mudeju, a journey through archeology and perfumed rose gardens.

Technical info


A pathway of panoramic, naturalist and historic-archeological interest.

Degree of difficulty

Medium difficulty route. Paths intermittent in the ascent.

Time required

About 8 hours.


Bicycle route.


Info point in Padria, piazza dei Balli.


From the village of Padria, follow the S.P. 11 road in the direction of Montresta, after about 15 km continue on the right on the S.P. 88 which runs along the western slopes of the volcanic plateau of Monte Minerva (644 metres above sea level), a jar with a trapezoidal contour. Erosive action then shaped the basalt crust giving it its present appearance of an isolated plateau. After about 8 km, change direction to the right for Palazzo Minerva (Palace Minerva), a complex of buildings from the first decades of the twentieth century which today houses an inn, the CEAS and the ancient Rose garden of Monte Minerva. This is a themed garden created in 2005, the only one of its kind in Sardinia, surrounded by a forest of age-old cork and oak trees, which is characterised by its historical cultivation of roses among geometric privet and wild olive hedgerows.

At the entrance of the rose garden, following the sign posts, it is possible to reach the four Domus de Janas di Monte Minerva, dug into natural clefts in order to obtain several chambers. An enchanting engraving of a bull is carved into the entrance of one of these tombs from the Prenuragic era.

Turn around onto the S.P. 88, after 2 km, and a change of direction to the right leads towards the eastern slopes of the mountain at the base of the ridge of Su Capparone, while continuing straight on, after a good descent of 1 km, it comes to the junction of the S.S. 292. Turning to the right, running along the side of Lake Temo, it is possible to see the scenery marked by the medieval fortress of Monteleone Rocca Doria which, with its altitude of 421 metres above sea level, boarders the artificial lake.

Before concluding the route and heading back to Padria, which is 12 km away, it is compulsory to take a refreshing break at the Springs of Mudeju or of Abbarghente from which natural sparkling mineral water flows, which the Romans used to supply their baths of the same name. They can be reached easily following the signpost on the right at approximately 3 km from the crossroad of Romana.