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Discover Villanova

Romana: from the old town centre to the Shrine of San Lussorio

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From the murals of the old town centre to the evocative rocky Shrine of San Lussorio through a landscape full of colours.

Technical info


A pathway of panoramic and historical interest.

Degree of difficulty

Low difficulty route on easy terrain.

Time required

½ day.


By bicycle.


Info point in town, Via Roma 3.


In the square of the Parish Church it is possible to see the monument dedicated to Santa Maria degli Angeli, built during the sixteenth century in late Gothic style and remodelled during the eighteenth century.

The town of Romana is characterised by the presence of several murals that enliven the outside walls of the houses and make a stroll through the small streets a very pleasant activity. Tony Amos, a contemporary Sardinian painter and muralist, carried out the murals. Most of them pay tribute to the revalued artistic importance of Brancaleone Cugusi, who was born in Romana.

Along the main street (SP 28bis) towards Ittiri/Thiesi, at the exit of the town, turning into Via G. Garibaldi you get to the Church of Santa Croce, built during the sixteenth century in late Gothic style and later renovated.

Continuing on the same road you get to Via San Pietro which leads out of the village. Turning left, 300 metres from the last houses, there is a ridge where it is possible to see the evocative “Sa Rocca de Mariuzza”, an ancient sheepfold closed by a wall. After about 4 km you come to the rocky Shrine of San Lussorio set in a natural cave adapted as a place of worship during the Middle Ages with the addition, in the seventeenth century, of a portico with five arches, surmounted by a bell gable. The interior is roofed by a low irregular barrel vault.

Proceeding on the main road and turning right at a sharp bend, after about 500 metres, it is possible to reach a lay-by. Walking from there, a path leads to the ruins of the Church of San Giacomo. Going back up to the sharp bend, taking the road to the right you can return to Romana.

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